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This environmentally safe one time investment for your diesel power equipment has the following benefits:

  • Lower engine fuel usage!
  • Lower engine fuel exhaust emissions!
  • Requires no power source!
  • No moving parts!
  • Semi annual cleaning!
  • Expected service life in excess of 50 years!
  • Flow rates to 2400 g.p.m.'s!

SOFTFUEL is designed for use in marine and industrial diesel fuel systems.

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One of the major benefits of SOFTFUEL is an improvement in fuel economy, which has been documented in over 120 installations!

SOFTFUEL will lower engine maintenance by keeping fuel line, pump, filter and injectors clean withou using chemical additives.

It has been found to reduce the tendency of diesel engines to "slobber" when operating at less than 100% capacity. Additionally, it reduces hydrocarbon emissions and hydrocarbon build-up on engine internals.

One year refundable performance warranty!

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